CCCalc 2.4

CCCalc is a free calculator with editable tape for Windows
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CCCalc is not the standard calculator, if you are bored of using Windows Calc then this is for you. You will be able to write and evaluate several standard operations and also come back to make changes if necessary and the results will be updated instantly.

This tool is somewhat confusing to use, at first, because all the numbers change very rapidly and sometimes you'll get frustrated when you can't even evaluate 25*25 correctly. But after you read the documentation you will understand that the CCCalc editing power lies in moving the caret to the exact position and then performing the necessary changes in the data, after that, you will see the real power of this tool.

It supports standard arithmetic, square root and a few other options, one of the best features of this calculator is that it remembers what you have done. All the calculations you do will be saved automatically so you can continue your work when you come back, so no more notes or notepad text files, your calculator will remember all this stuff.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Very good documentation
  • Easy to use (after reading the docs)
  • Remembers your work


  • It's hard to work with it at first if you're the kind of person that never reads the manual of the software. ;)
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